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Rhys' story begins when our founder, who has been working in the apparel industry for more than 30 years, heard about a moving experience from her friend:


"Once there were two brothers who came to my friend asking for some tailor-made trousers. The elder brother has a huge tumor on the side of his thigh and he has no choice but to travel on a wheelchair, while the younger is a successful man who wants to show his brother around, visiting all the magnificent places. However, the two quarreled all the time, as the elder brother felt an inhibition about not being able to find trousers that fit his size. And soon the brothers found my friend who hand made trousers according to his needs. On the day that the younger brother came and collected, he burst into tears, saying that the long existing problem between the two could now be tackled."

Our founder was deeply touched by such experience. Also, witnessing the needs of the residents in the elderly home inspired her to start a workshop, which realises the transformation of her professional skills of apparel making into real help of both the cares and the elderly.


Apparel that fit one's size is readily available for most of us, however, to some people in real need, it could mean a profound blessing, giving them a sense of respect and care.

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